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A problem worth talking about
Imagine a world where ordinary hygiene products are a luxury. Although, there is no need to imagine - many people in Africa face this problem every day.
For example, for most African girls and women, menstruation becomes a real challenge due to the lack of opportunity to buy medical pads and tampons. It is this problem that Bambody company can help to solve.
We created a logo and packaging design for New Guinea Coffee Co.
Its founder David Kyngdon also owns Bambody company that creates and sells comfy protective underwear.

Bambody products have already received a positive response in the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Canada,Germany and the CIS. David was contacted by an African charity organization dealing with the East African Masai ethnic group. They asked to donate some of the goods to the girls of the tribe.
Girls of this tribe during menstruation may not leave their homes at all, which affects badly their education and social status: the Masai have a patriarchal system and men pay little attention to the problems that women face. Some women use pieces of fur instead of pads, which do not have good absorption
Social inspiration
We decided not to stand aside and helped our client to develop a design for this special product line.

David did his own research and paid our attention that the Masai art has rich colors. He was especially impressed by the brilliant shades of green and blue.

For reference he provided a selection of patterns from the Internet that he liked. We present them below.
Color matters!
While working on the design for Bambody products, we realized that color plays an important role in the life of Masai tribe. Therefore, we decided to use a standard palette.
Courage and unity — red. When community members organize meetings, they kill the cow, so unity for them is associated with the color of blood
Health and the earth — green. After all, cattle, which are the basis for the survival of the tribe, graze on the green grass of the earth
Hospitality — orange and yellow. Members of the tribe greet guests with pumpkins cleaned of seeds and cores, in which cow's milk is served
Energy — blue. The blue sky helps to create rain, which saturates with water the earth and cattle
People and their life struggle — black. They have to endure throughout life
Purity and health — white. Health is associated with the milk of cow, which the tribe drinks to avoid getting sick
We were inspired by traditional Masai ornaments. In this way, we created several concepts of patterns that do not deviate from the general style of the tribe. We think such designs should attract the attention of Masai girls and women, and give them more confidence to use this protective underwear.
Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, this underwear has not yet reached its main destination. However, we hope that in the near future, Masai women will still be able to enjoy Bambody products which we designed with special diligence.
However, we hope, Masai women will still be able to enjoy Bambody products in the near future
nome team
Misha Andrushkiv — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Iryna Pavlovych — coordinator

Helen Dovzhenko — senior designer

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer

Vasily Khashchevoy — copywriter

David Kyngdon — founder

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