In 2020 a client approached us asking to develop a logo for Bare Paws a new sanitizer brand.

Before the pandemic client has been selling sanitizers under another brand name and in small butches. Still, due to coronavirus spread and growing need in hand hygiene care, the client decided to do a complete overhaul: rebrand and apply for FDA registration, which allows them to officially enter the US market.

The client wanted to stand out among the competition - differ from them and avoid abundant sterility. On the contrary, the new design had to be playful and attract the youth.

Bare Paws Logo or what are bears for?
The brand name Bare Paws is actually a pun, so when we hear the name it sounds as "bear paws", but written as "bare paws".
The client wanted a design to reflect this playfulness. Therefore, she proposed to start from the bear concept. She imagined a logo in the shape of a bear's head, which has paws on the sides or above the head.

The bear had to be simple, fluffy and cute. The main idea with a character was to convey a feeling of purity and satisfaction after cleaning the hands. Guided by client's preferences, we have created the following logo concepts.

3 juicy flavors
After the logo has been approved, the client also asked us to design primary packaging and box for the product. For primary packaging was chosen the Pocket Sanitizer Bottle type, instead of simple spray bottles.

In addition to primary packaging design, we also created the design of the box in which the sanitizer is sold.

There were no color restrictions for the box, when with primary pocket bottles the printing costs increase with each color. That is why we have developed a minimalist design to minimize the printing costs.

Well, you decide whether we managed to cope with the task.
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nome team
Mykhailo Andrushkiv — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Iryna Pavlovich — coordinator

Julia Sanina — middle designer

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer


Bare Paws
Amanda Eisenberg — contact


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