The founders of Frío Sparkling Water Co. are very fond of sparkling water but failed to find products in their country that would meet their high standards. They began to produce their own products, which do not contain sugar, sweeteners, gluten, GMOs and other artificial substances. Frío brand also cares about the environment and does not use plastic, so the drinks are bottled in 330 ml aluminum cans
With naturalness
and nature in mind
Fresh look
at the logo
Simple and modern style - that's what we followed during the designing process of the logo. This direction was suggested by the client, and we also agreed that such a design would be the most suitable for a company which focuses on naturalness.
Logo contains shortened "Frío" name so that the letter "o" is displayed in the shape of a bubble to highlight the fact that this brand sells sparkling water. The letter "i", is also modified to represent a drinking straw.
Gentle azure
We decided to design the Original flavor can in one main color, choosing for this purpose a gentle blue. In our opinion, this color is perfectly associated with spring water, which is used in the production of the product.
We used illustrations of fruits or berries on the cans of other flavors. This decision is not accidental - it emphasizes that "Frío" is pure, spring water that contains only natural fruits.
This adds simplicity to the perception of the product - as if we took and poured water into a glass at home, and then added a few slices of lemon or other fruit. These are the moments reflected on the can - pieces of fruit are immersed in water to enrich its flavor.
We want consumers of the brand to immediately understand that in front of them is a natural product. Therefore, right in the center of the can we have a large number "0", which indicates that the product does not contain sugar, calories and sweeteners.
In addition, on the top, we added the inscription "Handcrafted" to emphasize the individuality of the drink so that it is not the result of automatic production, but a truly unique beverage.
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nome team
Misha Andrushkiv — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Kate Yurkiv — coordinator

Julia Sanina — middle designer

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer

Vasily Khashchevoy — copywriter

Frio Sparkling Water Co
Rashed Ahmad Al Mulla & Diego Centeno — founders

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