GreenSight resembles a surreal plot from the future, where drones fly in the sky and work instead of people. Together with our client we were lucky to get in touch with this world of the future, which is already here.

The client approached us with the task to create a commercial that explains to potential audience how autonomous drones work and what are their main advantages over human resources.

Storyboard & scenario
GreenSight offers its customers intelligent monitoring from the sky, which quickly solves the issues of: inspection in niches of agriculture, telecommunication, oil and gas producers, inspection of bridges, constructions, transport flows, marine air turbine, etc.

In the video we have narrowed the main message and broadcast it to the audience of golf course owners. We focus on headaches that may attract their attention. We show how a golf management platform can improve their lives. There were illustrated the combinations of unmanned aerial vehicle technology, artificial intelligence and data analysis that can be controlled from anywhere at any time.

We also created a second version of the video, in which we worked with sound design. It has added sound effects of flying drones, falling snow, wind, etc. All of these details add to the atmosphere of a living presence.

Ready? Let's fly!
nome team
Victoria Karabin — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Andriana Mykytyshyn — coordinator

Eugene Leshtakov — videomaker

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer


Jason VanBuskirk — founder

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