Nalakai Naturals is the project developing organic care products during and after pregnancy from a charming woman and a mother of two, Anna Ferris.

It's main benefit is 100% organic raw materials without the addition of impurities and eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials
Eco Friendly cosmetics with the care for both mommy and baby
During the cooperation we have developed packaging design for 5 brand's products, guided by our experience and client's preferences
Immune Support Waterless HandWash
When taking a close look to the general packaging style of the whole product line, we notice that it's extremely airy and gentle like a cloud. Such an effect is achieved through two main things.

The first one are the photos with a spot focus on the background, so they keep the feeling of air on the label.

The second one is the choice of the appropriate light location and temperature, so that even cold shades give a feeling of warmth.

We also selected specific accent colors and elements for each package. For Immune Support Waterless Hand Wash its turquoise color and aloe, which is the main component of this hands skin antiseptic.
Healing Herbal Perineal Spray
For a soothing remedy after childbirth we have chosen cooler shades that would emphasize the main concept of the product - the elimination of unpleasant sensations and pain relief. Despite the fact that the main active ingredient is a witch hazel, lavender was chosen as the main packaging design element.

We relied on smell and sensations after using the product. Following the same logic, background images were selected for all products.
Each mother worries about her baby's healthy sleep, often sacrificing her own. Therefore, you won't hide from puffiness under the eyes; at least that was the case before the Natural Beauty eye gel was created.

The product saves from such an effect after a few daily receptions, in case you do not forget to use it regularly. And you won't forget thanks to the warm colors with a beautiful orchid, which immediately catches the eye, wherever the mom leaves the bottle
sitz bath
Sunshine in the middle of a cloudy day. That's how one phrase could describe the design of the latest product. And it really is. Soothing bath for sitting in combination with a mixture of Dead Sea salts, organic dried herbs and flowers, perhaps the greatest salvation from edema, hemorrhoids and postpartum hemorrhage. Such a product deserves truly rich sunny colors on a background of colorful flowers
Start the story with a wrapper to win love even before the unpacking
nome team
Misha Andrushkiv — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Iryna Pavlovych — coordinator

Helen Dovzhenko — graphic designer

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer

Vasily Khashchevoy — copywriter

Nalakai Naturals
Anne Ferris — founder

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