Coffee Co.
We were asked by the client to create a brand identity for premium coffee which he planned to export to the USA and his motherland Australia.

Australians have a strong coffee culture and are constantly looking for the best coffee, because unfortunately, most of the country is not suitable for growing this product. To meet the demand of coffee connoisseurs, the founder of the company decided to supply coffee beans from the highlands of Papua New Guinea because there grow one of the best coffee varieties in the world.

Hence the brand got its name — New Guinea Coffee Co.
David, the founder of NGCCo, explained that he wants his products to show a "premium" feel that would conquer all coffee lovers.

To achieve this effect, our client chose black matte pouches for coffee packaging and storage.We immediately agreed that the logo and packaging design should be in copper and silver shades to show sophistication and elegance. In contrast to the black matte background, such colors attract more attention
An eye-catching
While creating the logo, we did everything to convey the strength and perfection of the brand, to show that our client produces coffee of the highest quality.

The logo had to be clean and luxurious, so we did not burden it with unnecessary details and elements. However, we wanted not to get carried away with conservatism, so that young people would also pay attention to the new brand
Bird of paradise
among coffee beans
We covered packaging with Raggiana bird of paradise, which has been the official symbol of Papua New Guinea since 1971. Raggiana bird of paradise helps to make the brand recognizable among both local gourmets and coffee lovers from all around the world
Together with the authentic patterns on the sides of the pouch, it emphasizes the inseparable connection with this state. Meanwhile, illustration of a coffee branch on the back of the pouch favorably completes the composition and creates a premonition of a fragrant product inside
Appreciated by the wrap,
and accompanied by taste
Bambody — design
with social mission
nome team
Misha Andrushkiv — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Kate Yurkiv — coordinator

Helen Dovzhenko — senior designer

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer

Vasily Khashchevoy — copywriter

New Guinea Co
David Kyngdon — founder

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