Design for cosmetics
with vibe
Imagine the neon Los Angeles in the shades of night, the legendary club Poppy and beautiful brunette who loves glam parties. This brunette is our client, Nikki Namin, in the photo below, and she takes inspiration from there
The key element became the smear of crumbly eyeshadow. Also we've used the glamorous magazines of the 1990s with refined elegant letters
Since we were searching for the right association that would convey the idea of concept, shocking vibe and glamor, we started with the logo design
We aimed to reach the WOW effect in the customer's mind before getting acknowledged with the product inside the packaging. That's why we've transferred the inner brightness of the palette to outer design
You know, there is no need to wait for the special chance to create a holiday for yourself. This truth guided us during the creative process over Neon Drip packaging design
Shine brightly!
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packaging design
See You Never.
I start all over again
Breaking up is not a tragedy, that's a chance to start everything from the scratch. That's a chance to try something you've never experienced before.

How to do that? Do bright makeup and go on to conquer this world, because you are the only person who is true to yourself, so appreciate yourself regardless of anyone!
This heavenliness and the ease with which the girl goes to the new stage of life we reflected in the design of the package in maximum: the sky color, playful mood on the background of Cupid and broken hearts
The bright cosmetics highlights individuality,
the bright design highlights the brand
nome team
Misha Andrushkiv — team lead

Myroslav Gret — art director

Iryna Pavlovych — coordinator

Helen Dovzhenko — senior designer

Mary Tymoshenko — UX/UI designer

Vasily Khashchevoy — copywriter

Poppi Cosmetics

Nikki Namin — founder

Jarrelle Lee — photographer

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