About Us

We create quality

We are not a creative agency. We understand that product we create is not a simple art, but this is art which aligns with business processes. We remember the main task of the business – sales and client satisfaction. We enable all our resources to understand business processes and target market of the client, so we can achieve the highest result.

We have values

Yes, that sounds trivially, but anyway we are the one who takes responsibility! We don’t work with alcohol or tobacco companies, because it’s our taboo. Yet it’s not the main point. The point is that we have responsibilities to society, family, people and our idea is to start from ourselves. The way we do it you can see on our FACEBOOK page timeline.

Project Management Direction

Mykhaylo Andrushkiv

This guy loves accurate processes and on time result. He always comes on a date before the deadline with a good mood and a bunch of flowers.

Art Direction

Myroslav Gret

The man who combines in himself creativity and understanding of business requirments, but was not bogged down chasing trends.

Photography Direction

Andriy Babchіy

Mr. smile who knows how to transform photography process into live orchestra of emotions. Does quality work and pulls benefit out of confusing situations.

Finance Direction

Olga Babych

The only woman who knows where all the money are kept. =) She loves accuracy and order, thus our team is always sure about money safety.

Videography Direction

Oleksiy Fedіnchyk

This guy was born with a video camera, because he has passion to filming. He feels the people, their roles, knows how to convey everything what client needs.

Digital Direction

Nazar Yurystovskyy

He knows how to do achieve impossible results in mobile apps. Golden guy who loves doing amusing solutions and setting up your mood.

We help business to sell

We are professionals in these niches:

– label & packaging design
– internet branding
– web & mobile design

All these niches are related with sales and communication of our clients’ businesses with their customers. We were lucky to combine & transform different design areas into one marketing process and to grow as successful team of specialists which are required by modern market. 

How do we find solutions for your business?

The main goal of every cooperation is to understand strategy of every business we have a deal with. For us working with clients equals partnership, because we are partly responsible for their business’s success.

The most important thing during entire partnership is clear communication and understanding of specific goals which are set by the client. Sometimes, within our negotiations with clients we can even reject some unrealistic expectations from the product or design itself. We clearly see what can be sold successfuly and what is just rubbish which should be recycled. This is what our permanent clients value.

Conditions of cooperation with NOME

Core values of our cooperation are honesty, conscience and humaneness. We are always trying to find compromises in complicated situations with clients. During all our activity on the market we met different kinds of people with various mentalities & behaviours. That’s why we were forced to describe our  terms and services policy. You can read more here link.

We are our experience

NOME was created in 2013. Since that time we passed big way of development from amateures to professionsl who can realize set tasks. Our experience is our experiments, fails, mistakes, successful cases, literally everything which fills us and gives opportunity to achieve best results in future projects. We finished more than 300 successful projects in logo, packaging and web design. 

Our partnership brings to success!

Lots of people describe life like a process, but in no way like a result. Yes, we enjoy life and everyday we reverberate ourselves to the process of creativity and development of solutions, but everything is only for result! This result is composed of people, their emotions and feelings which are evoked by our work. Therefore our goal is to give qualitative result for both sides of business – owner and his clients.

Our approach to your products design

Everything what we create is flown through our knowledge, experience and intuition and as shows our practice it helps to find the most interesting solutions for business. We understand that often companies waste lots of money for products which do not meet their needs. That’s why one of our goals is to correctly match the budget which was given for our job and produce qualitative product which exceeds expectations.