Actif is an American Health company which strives to improve people`s health by choosing the best natural health solutions. The company keeps to the highest standards of manufacturing in their products. Actif production makes their products 100 % natural. Each of their product is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, aristrolochic acid, yeast, mold, and other microbes. The range of their products vary from anti-wrinkle collagen product, up to the products which help to relive inflammation, reduce osteoarthritis pain, and other. For more than 10 years already they deliver high quality products to serve the needs of the customers. We worked effectively together and showed a great result in their story of success.

The project team

Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Alena Dovzhenko - web design


At first, our client asked us to design a label for Actif Joint supplement and make it look premium and unique, preferably with some abstract image on the front side. After successful label design for Actif Joint supplement we had to design three more Actif products. The second task was label design for Shark Cartilage. This time our client preferred an image that makes people think of an ocean/fish product. Then we had to design labels and packages for two more Actif supplements - Chlorella Spirulina and Anti-Wrinkle Collagen. Regarding the first one, our client wanted to implement an abstract picture in the design that somewhat reminds of natural Chlorella or Spirulina. Concerning Actif Anti-Wrinkle Collagen, the client preferred to use white background.


As for the Actif Joint, we have chosen black background and depicted product’s name in gold colour and put the abstract image on the top of the label. This image consists of little colourful dashes which create the feeling of the label being dynamic, and this serves perfectly due to the fact that it is a joint health product. Concerning Actif Shark Cartilage, we have used the similar style as in previous design and put vague images of sharks on the top of the label and depicted product’s name in the same colour. Regarding Actif Chlorella Spirulina and the Actif Anti-Wrinkle Collagen design, we have chosen the opposite - white background. For Chlorella Spirulina supplement we have created green natural pattern that represents the main ingredient of this supplement and for Anti-Wrinkle Collagen supplement we have designed a conceptual image of a collagen formula which is visible on the top part of label and package. Though every supplement looks unique and independent, they all have similar scheme of elements positioning which helps easily distinguish Actif products among others. As a result, we have helped our client to build a strong visual presence on the market for Actif products and now they are beloved by customers and Actif Joint is voted the most trusted joint supplement by Osteoarthritis patients and Doctors.