FoodPro is a Jamaican company which offers a big range of naturally Jamaican fruits and vegetables which are full of essential elements. The company provides high-quality products, non-GMO, 100 % Natural. Therefore, their products are known not only for the unique, truly Jamaican flavors, but also for the high quality nutritional content. Our cooperation began at the beginning of the FoodPro products development. Thus, we worked effectively together and helped the company to reach the success.


The project consisted of two parts. For the first part, we had to design illustration of the Jamaican women holding the actual product and three labels, which had he include this illustration and additional information about the products.The design should have looked organic, fresh and it had to be related to the agriculture. Some pictures of an earth or tree were possible. Also, the labels should have looked Jamaican. That is the elements that depict Jamaican culture or customs had to be present. Client also requested us to use black color and the background had to be white or beige, and the texture of a wood or something similar could be used. For the second part, we had to create an illustration of a rasta pepper man and two labels, which would include the character. The illustration should have consisted of two parts: the pepper and the rasta man. The dreads were a must. The labels should have been in the same style as the first patch of the labels. The main ingredient was the Scotch Bonnet Pepper and we had to highlight that in some way.


The whole project was cut into two parts. For the first part, the labels design, we had created an image of a Jamaican woman. She is pictured holding a basket with the product, that is in the can. We have used the white color for the background in that part of the label within the texts. For the part of the label where the woman is we have used a green colored background. The texts are of different sizes, and the biggest one is the title of the products, that in in the can. The color scheme is green-black-white. For the second, part, we had to create an illustration of a rasta pepper man and a couple of labels. We have drawn our inspiration from the Bob Marley, being the most popular Jamaican culture icon. The picture looks not like him, but the main features of a rasta pepper man have been preserved - the signature hat, the dreads and the overall style. We have preserved the style we have used in the first labels for consistency. The color scheme stayed the same: white background for the text part and the green background for the image part. We have implemented the illustration in the design.

The project team

Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design Vlad Nikolaiev - copywriting