HEALTH is a relatively new company which sells accessories for survival. To stand out on the background of its sometimes faceless competitors we were asked to design a strong visual presence on the market for this company.


Our task was to design a logo, inserts and a booklet for the new survival blanket made by HEALTH. We were also asked to create a website for the Black Matrix - the website which will reveal different conspiracy theories and sell HEALTH survival blankets. As for the logo we had the following requirements: the colors should be neutral, gray or white. The logo by itself should consist of company’s name and some kind of pattern. As the company planned at that time to produce other products, it wasn’t needed to make a logo design strongly related to the blanket.

Concerning inserts, we had to create two of them, a small one for the package with the blanket and a big one for a 5-pack of survival blankets. Client asked us to make a similar design for both inserts and provided us with text and images to use on them.

Regarding the booklet, we had to design an instructional guide on the various multi-purpose uses of the blankets. We had to put wisely all the detailed information about the blanket and to combine it with some kind of pattern and color scheme in such a way, that the logo, inserts and the booklet would look organic together.

As for the website, we had to create it in black and white style and put a video banner with the name THE BLACK MATRIX on the top of home page. Besides, our client wanted to have separated rubrics for videos and news as well as advertisement of HEALTH survival blankets on the main page using guerrilla marketing.


For the logo design, we have used a pattern, that is reminiscent of the map and the little red pointer, which shows one’s location on the map. This image delivers the notion of survival, as the position on the map is clear and it is easy to get out of any trouble. The colors are gray for the company’s name and black and grey for the pattern.

For the insert, we have used a similar pattern under the silver text, the design for inserts and booklet is made in the same style. The background is white, thus the pattern is visible. The pattern itself is made in silver and black colours. In general, the booklet and inserts look strict, clean and they deliver the notion that this product is serious and its purpose ain’t no games - the blanket will help you to survive in harsh conditions.

The website for the Black Matrix is designed in black and white colours which our client preferred. On the top of home page there is video banner with the website name and two buttons which direct user to videos or news. In the middle the newest articles are displayed while on the bottom there is an advertisement of HEALTH survival blankets.


Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Nazar Yurostovskiy - web project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Lina Metisova - web design
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design