Brown Dog Fancy Mustards

Brown Dog Fancy Mustards

Brown Dog Fancy brand was founded in Stamford, CT, US. The story says, that its founder created the first prototype of the product in his kitchen owing to his passion for cooking. That’s why Brown Dog Fancy Mustards are organic products.

These mustards suit various events such as neighborhood gatherings, holiday meals, get togethers and it will be great for the BBQ and indoor meals. Also, there are around 10 new flavors so far and we think they will develop more and more soon.



The task was to develop label design for Brown Dog Fancy brand and adjust it to different flavors of mustard.


The idea was to implement rustic style into the label which can also look contemporary. It's rustic and modern look conveys organic ingredients and appeals to young people.

The project team

Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design