Kaffeine Coffee

Kaffeine Coffee

Kaffeine Coffee is a Texas based company that uses 100% Arabica coffee beans to guarantee quality of their products. Each bag of coffee contains only freshly roasted beans. These unique Arabica coffee beans are the premium coffee of Columbia. Company suggests a big range of coffees that a client can choose from. Thus, Colombian Supremo offers a great taste of every single coffee bean that would light the body with its rich flavor and fascinate with its aroma. The company also proposes its client to choose between dark roast Colombian Supremo and medium roast. Company also has a Brazilian coffee which is harvested on the Santana Estate in the Cerrado region of Brazil. The client can choose between dark roast and medium roast coffees.


We had to design a logo and packaging for new coffee product. The actual issue that was connected with the logo design - it had to look great on both dark and light colors. That is connected with the package design - there are several products in the product line, which are various coffee types, and every type of the coffee has different color theme for its package. Client wanted them to look quite differently, for the customer it was easier to differentiate items. Thus, the one logo should have looked nice one every other package. Moreover, the packaging, though different, should have been still kindred in design - because the items belong to the same product line.


The logo was designed in white color, to meet the requirement of looking great on almost any background. Another perk that we achieved - is the giving up of the color limitations for the package design. The logo was designed in a form of a circle, and the elements in it are placed in such a way that it looks like a coffee bean. The actual name of the company is placed in the very center, and the motto is rounded over the company’s name. Speaking about the package, the we have chosen specific color schemes for every product type. For example, the Colombian Dark Roast Ground Coffee has black background color, with red curve lines on the left and a bit of golden color on the bottom part of the package - in the form of lines with information. The curved lines were added to convey the notions of roasted coffee and the aroma that this coffee has. The package was created in such a way so that it is easy to implement new types of products (coffee) and change the package accordingly while preserving the same outlook of the brand.

The project team

Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design