The brand produces and sells premium men’s skin care products only with organic ingredients for the best effect. We were chosen to assist in successful establishment of the brand on the market.


We had to design brand logo and labels for the first product line of men’s moisturizing lotions. The specificity of the products is that the lotions are meant to be used on male’s genital organ and it was important to create within design an image of strong men, who are not ashamed to use the best products for their skin care. The first part of the project included logo design. The client wanted to feature in logo, except brand name, a viking who is wearing a helmet and sent us an image of viking that could be taken as a basis. He also gave us clear requirements for the design, such as making viking’s mustache curling upwards and lips smiling a little bit. The second, the bigger part of the project was devoted to labels design. We had to make bold and masculine label designs for the lotions, which include many different organic ingredients and provide an effective moisturizing. The front of the label had to comprise previously created by us logo and really small amount of text consisting of blend name, brand slogan and volume of the packaging. The text on the back of the label should be horizontal and divided in such a way so it won't look too crowded. Mr. Yogi Meister was going to market its lotions as premium ones and not cheap ($29.99 for a one-month supply), so it was vital that the logo and labels to evoke a luxurious feel.


The logo and labels for 3 product blends are designed in overall minimalist fashion. We have decided to follow the way "Less words, more space", making logo and lotions blend names the most important parts of the design, so its clean and not crowded with unimportant information look will be appealing to men's audience. We took into account the client's wishes and incorporated into logo a courageous viking, who is uniquely designed according to specific client's requirements. The brand name is put under an image of viking in expressive and bold font, which we also used further for labels design. As for the labels, we have created clean and minimalist designs, varying each blend in color that is associated with the main ingredients inside the packaging. Still, it is easily seen within design that all three lotions belong to the same product line. An Aprivocado blend is made dark green, Olive and Green is light green and Deep Sea Rose blend is painted into dark blue, which are appealing to men. We have combined the logo and the name of product on the labels in such a way so they convey the concept of simplicity and comfortness, each design element including text at the backside is placed nicely for clear understanding and convenient reading. This evokes the customer to feel simplicity and comfortness while using Mr. Yogi Meister products.


Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design
Iryna Pavlovych - copywriting