MyRest is a brand new company which was starting a business from scratch. It mainly sells bed mattresses for extra comfort in all sizes, bed sheets that are waterproof, pillows for neck problems and a variety of cushions (Feathers, Sponge…), special chairs and chair cushions, elbow rests and feet rests. In general, MyRest sells quality products, ranging from home essentials (duvets and pillows) to home fashion items (bedding sets, home decor and bath linens) which main aim is to provide good sleep.


We had to develop logo, label for bedding set, package for the pillow, inserts, letterhead, business card and website for this brand. Our client didn’t have any special requirements regarding design and completely relied on our team. He only wanted the design to correspond to sleep, sweet dreams and feeling of comfort. However, concerning website our client wanted to have a range of functionality implemented. In particular there had to be opportunity to sign in/out for every user so s/he can have a personal shopping cart, search field for convenient and easy products search, separate page with company’s products with filter and possibility to switch between two languages - English and French.


Regarding logo design, we have decided to put a gold feather over company’s name which symbolizes lightness and comfort. The letter “e” is also made in the shape of a feather to enhance this effect. Company’s name is dark violet and together with the gold feather above makes the logo look neat and luxurious. For the label design we have used gold, white and gray colour scheme and added big image of bedding set so that customers can see how it looks like on the bed. On the top, there is an information about the product and the logo. We have depicted also three feathers near bedding set name to combine harmoniously all elements of the label. In fact, a feather can be seen throughout the whole design of MyRest products as it became the brand asset. Concerning pillow packaging, we have made a design using white background with gold, silver and black fonts. We have also put pillow image on the packaging and left some space opened so that it is seen what’s inside. For the letterhead and business card design the same colour scheme is used. Before the development of a website for MyRest we have created wireframes for better understanding of it structure and for quality UX development. As a result, MyRest website has different rubrics, products filter, personal shopping cart, search field and opportunity to switch English and French languages. The dominant colour is white which gives an impression of cleanliness and together with soft feathers throughout the whole design makes a feel of comfort and cosiness.


Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Nazar Yurostovskiy - web project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Lina Metisova - web design
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design