Sure Colour

Sure Colour

Sure Colour is an arts and crafts company based in United Kingdom, which was starting its business from scratch. Its first products were a range of acrylic paint sets and fabric markers and now it is expanding into selling different kinds of painting sets, coloured pencils, sketching kits, chalk pens and other tools that help in creating pieces of art. Sure Colour is targeting people in the UK and sells its products on the own website and on Amazon.


Our task was to design a logo for Sure Colour company and then packaging and labels for its first two products - Fabric Pens Set and Acrylic Paint Set. The client imagined a lot of sales would go to parents who are buying such sets for kids craft projects and obviously to people interested in arts and crafts, painting and drawing. He wanted the design to portray a premium product and to be visually striking that would stand out on the Amazon listing page. After a successful launch of first sales, the client asked to design a cover card for his next product - Water Colour Brush Set, following the same style direction.


To highlight company’s name and its business niche we created a straight to the point logo design which speaks for itself and encourages to add colour to one’s ordinary life. To make the client’s brand stand out on Amazon, we chose black background for packages with vibrant colour accents on them. Thus, the Acrylic Paint Set packaging is covered with a unique pattern, which makes an impression of being created with the use of the acrylic paints from the set. The design of 15 Fabric Pens Set box inspires to purchase the product and recreate a colourful pattern which covers the pack or make even better one to impress the surrounding people. Packaging design of the Water Colour Brush Set has flowing illustration with watercolour effect that perfectly complements the general theme. Every pattern reflects the soothing nature of painting with company’s products to bring out the beauty of fine art. As a result, we helped Sure Colour to build a strong visual presence in the market and it became easily recognizable and beloved by customers.


Mykhaylo Andrushkiv - project management
Myroslav Gret - art direction
Alena Dovzhenko - graphic design